ПЕРЕВОСПИТАЛИ РОДИТЕЛЕЙ! Артур и Давид ОБИДЕЛИСЬ! Для детей For Kids Children

So, hlop'yata, everything, everything, everything, finishes -WHE lag spati vzhe? Well, a little bit! Well, skolki can vzhe "A little bit"? Vzhe dekіlka times tsi "Already a little tilty"! Eleven Years So, hlop'yat, everything, everything, everything, finishes! Tomorrow to school tomorrow, Tomorrow in the nursery To that two minutes and on vih Garazd Well! Biya, bii! Yake "Biy"? Lie down spathi Here it would be so, yak bazhat children, and not fathers! Yes, it would be good

And come on, yakscho ! * read a book * Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! I do not zrozumiv! What do you mean? Read book Book stink full day read! And hto you allowing the book? Aypad who got it? Bistrenko, grati! And новgri new I downloaded On the next day! On the next day! Book stink riven! Tell me, what are the lessons of the gracious Viconov? Vikonav lessons? Yes viconav Ah ah ah ah ah! Schob bіlshe urokiv not viconuvav! more lessons did not do! Awesome day grays, zozumili? All Congestion Yes good Well, it’s cool! So, come on, yakbi so it would be used

And pick us ice cream! ANYTHING ?! So ! What is ice cream? SO! Zachayte! You have angina You have a throat ache right now But ice cream is holy

Zaraz bring Help yourself! Dyakuyu! A tattoo, but what is a robot with my scribe? Do you have one thing here (dvіyku) vchitelka set Erasing її What else is it? Odinitsya (dvіyka) in the scion Let us show you, damn it, sweat it, scho "Everything, Garazd, without one thing (two)!" -Tatu, come! – Tattoo, come to us tse! Wow, quadrocopter, the car is great Everything is much more expensive I don’t know if I have a few pennies in me Well, think up! Well, well, well ! Oh, let's buy! I take a loan -Come on! -Come on And I can not go to school tomorrow? Did not understand

Do you want to go to school tomorrow? I do not want everything! Sti, let's galyanem Contagion I'll be surprised at the calendar Ty no buv in the choir, breakfast Yakscho in Sumi, ti vzhe not buv in schools 327 days pіdryad I scho? Well, one day vse nothing new Tomorrow you can not iti -Come on! -Well, garazd! Tse scho take again? Hloptsі, well sklki possible? Salad vie steve? A lot of day you take a salad, porridge Korisna їzhha not delicious! A lot of day you take a salad, porridge Korisna їzhha not delicious! Tsіliy box cheskіv for whom to lie? Who are you buying for? Who are you buying for? Well bistrenko! Take a normal picture! Garazd Znova great chocolate Tattoo, and if there is a new phone, ti old vidasi me? What else? Tobi viddam old phone? I, in the first place, pribbat yogi after two minutes, having understood? Navi tobik chikati two mіsyatsі? Take my vzhe! -And I'll live without a phone -Why All, David, I vpah spati Ydi to yourself Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Cheats! Cheats! Who are you? Changed vzhe in pіzhami svoї! Only nine years! Only nine years! Get up! Until a friend, Godini is not sleepy! Navi tse robiti? Come on, come on! Bistro! Go boom pіdem rozvavatsis! All, all the while, I'm in school! All bye bye

The key come on, I'll door Tattoo, and give me twenty hryvnia So, tobi dati dati twenty UAH? Zaraz hvilinku Hear, at less than 20 hryvnia, take 50 Oh baby And hocha, hocha 200 more І now, and Hearing take 500 Hearing take 1000 and 1500 even, so Fine! In principle in schools Take sob pribbash, garazd? So, good dear Yakbi bulo b everything, yak want the children Tse bulo b not life, and kazka Hey, what is it? Were you not lying? Well bistro spati! Ah, have fun!


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