Очень крутые тачки на Шоу Big Boys Toys – Окленд, Новая Зеландия

Hi Everyone Kubic here Today We are going to Big Boys Toys! Let's go! Here we are at the ASB Showground That's the place today for cool cars exhibition Let's take a look There are off-roaders It's nice Old good one Land Cruiser Check its exhaust snorkel out Nice one Nissan Patrol A good one Escudo This is kind of a Nitro-monster Buggies Awesome Let's go inside Amazing Nissan GTR These cars are for drifting

challenges Awesome Awesome Cool RC drifter models Rally Audi Awesome I like this place Let's go to the main exhibition A helicopter! Awesome Cool Different cool models are here Cool Pneumatic suspension Nice one tricycle Anyone can try off-road drive experience Jaguars Let's go futher Amazzzzing! Very cool Aston Martin and a Lambo Awesome Amazzing There are Ferrarri This is the newest Ferrarri

which was built on 70th anniversary of the Ferrari company Awesome Thanks for watching Leave a like Turn on 🔔 notifications Consider to subscribe Share with Friends and see you soon Bye


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