Младший Брат ПОБЕЖДАЕТ Старшего ! Для Детей Kids Children

oh how nice to be the eldest child of the family all attention to you all your toys too, all your sweets but it's all up to that point when someone younger than you appears in the house and all attention at once to him Wow, our good they all forget about the senior dear well, what time to leave collect faster than David iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii Well, as our eldest Arthur Yes of course and all the toys even for seniors immediately takes away all my toys wet baby everything always lisp shu shu shu shu sy they always call him very affectionately Dedidik Davididka you are our good cutie and you know what they call me Arthur you did your homework on the success of the older child stop paying attention dad come here dad come here What is Arthur? Look at this complex, complex control

I got excellent should have been more engaged in the subject more attention paid learn more but i'm fine but great so great anyway teach continue you can't even praise me I will definitely praise when you become an academician and you will receive a Nobel Prize You must learn to learn this way but the younger praises for any reason David, what is the letter uh well, come on well come on what letter u do not let u remember this is the first letter of aaaaalfaviita what aaaaaa the right letter and this is well done you are just a genius You are such a smart boy I will buy you ice cream

sometimes parents find fault with older children Arthur come here what dad you drank the milk, but why not wiped the drops on the table what drops is there nothing at all it means you still needed to wipe it out, we don't see aaa drops, then suddenly they are there microscopic and all over the table dads are you serious Well, about the drops may not be entirely serious, but on the other hand it does not hurt to wipe the table every time okay but on the other hand the younger ones so how well, yes, but what kind of melody are you? You don’t know something, but what’s familiar, but I don’t remember something so everyone knows But why did you think that everyone knows, but now you will see an experiment friends who knows what kind of melody please write in the comments give me now I'll play nts on Brow Bravo Bravo perfectly wonderful what a good fellow you are talented and what a boy Why do you praise him? Arthur but he is younger, he is just learning and already the young man is trying to make window improvisers so interesting but most of all I don’t like such situations oh my good and what are you eating a orange? well done oranges are useful a little bit fell at you Arturchik let's quickly take away all behind you need to clean more careful please and sometimes it is very unfair and offensive dad hi happy birthday thank you very much Arthur I saved a whole year for school lunches and bought you a present wow long ago ooooooo nice thing thank you thank you the youngest child can even present some nonsense for a birthday and everyone will be happy dad i drew you a card the card itself drew it here yes my good how is it cute well done you are not just a postcard is a real masterpiece of painting daaaaa one thing alone is good that the clothes of the elder wear the younger I will go in this wax Well, of course the shirt is good but sate too much rumpled that's why it's good to be the oldest child in the family but better still be younger and then sometimes it seems so the older children of the family that all the attention of the parents goes to the younger ones and they take care of them are taught constantly they are busy doing something such good well yes and rejoice in general creates such a strange impression that prints love you love only the youngest but in fact it's not like that honestly speaking because in fact every parent loves all of their children is true but who likes dad me more yeah hahahaha like if you liked this video and write in the comments who is better be older or younger


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