ЗАЕХАЛИ в Чужой Дом в Реальной Жизни! Кого УВИДЕЛИ?!

Or maybe it was because GRENNI exists? Guys, well, we need to go 500 kilometers to our grandmother, we will pick up at the gas station now Well, all refueled, now we go further

Let's! – Dad give me the phone I will play on the way – What other phone? No, let's agree, no phones – Neither David nor Arthur Stop playing – Ehhh sorry – And all the more, you, David, in general already, constantly play GRENNY GOING * go * – Dad, can you give me the phone? And it's boring to go -Which telephone? No, I will not give anything -Well, why? -Stop playing Moreover, you play one game and that's it Such a huge number of games made, and you only in the "Granny" and in the "Granny" Surely it will soon seem to you that everywhere is "garbage

" Straight everywhere -What is this David? Is that what you play? -And I’m not playing on the phone, but on Ipad You said that only on the phone is impossible -Here is it tricky I meant everything and phones tablets completely everything is prohibited, look at what's around where yes some kind of hardheaded court constantly something It seems like when you are in no way here it is, even in the field, it seems he is always everywhere david well you are not playing now see everything around nature take a break from these mobile games Oh, that's where the hell is and how much can you have but come on Now we’ll come up now, finally, so that you show where she is and if she’s not there will be everything but where's the hell, the ruins are alone, well, yes, there's more David, well, just for you already drove and was silent here look no grin so much up to see grinny everywhere the ruins and everything there she is, dad, let's go let her show you where it is * cream (grenny) * come on well enough you eat already! let's go let's see someone makes noise there maybe let's go okay let's take a minute to go here and everything so surely grenni didn’t see We're going to finish off already honestly bored with your games Stay here then I'll go check it out everything is perfectly proven no one can normally go what are you looking at where did it come from ?! like nobody where does this bit come from, I don't know myself from somewhere we are leaving already listen to something I'm already afraid I need her left let's go it is better not to take such items with you at all the bistro popped Well, I think so good we can all go yes, we need to quickly go away from here somewhere and what is it all rode the sun and now dramatically the weather is getting worse that this is just this is not accidentally connected with our arrival into these ruins I say dad thinks it's dark only this magic granny exactly just drove into the countryside where the clouds where it rains it's already in full swing there is no face here I said, the area of ​​the verge of this rain some strange something wrong with him by the way according to the forecast so it was so no need to invent something gray laps some answers this is probably the city satka extreme ur 100 thousand to study and you constantly repent extremely overdose doses i'm scared you give well that's fine almost already clear sky serve straight wonder the sun was then sharply clouds from everywhere rain is now again the sun is like this mysticism, I have never seen sound shocking first became horses but it was a surprise we stopped to watch one of the coolest trolls from trolls you know what a trolley bus is see him troll media troll now see Well, let me go and in 15-20 minutes again they will bring me here of course we will run away to you will not go further I ride here never here, grennie does not dagon us gray again the butterfly the butterfly is already from eels until you told them I didn’t say in the video clip it’s worth it policy and we drove it she was left behind then she quickly runs runs runs the table and say hi and you say here she is we are worth it again overtaken she again you behind then she already flies by plane because that she is already tired, I am again worth it

teleport yes no one can teleport and indeed not there is this character and she was afraid of someone else's master she would disappear therefore it is impossible even there and it is scary it is definitely not you and so it is not music does not fall momentum and I do not know that it is sharp then everything turned off something squeaked the panel appliances began to flicker strongly well that is something incomprehensible it is but everything blinked disappeared ran away disappeared as short circuit some kind of started up well here it is yes today it rains the car somehow behaves strangely to David maybe I thought that there was a strange day today everything was good until we went to kill the equator called the truth after that you start to believe some kind of mystic friends, by the way, if you noticed something, why are these strange coincidence happened please write in the comments please put a lot likes this mystic to quickly develop


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